15 Habits that make you Fat

Nutritionists today confirm that most of the mid aged population today are very mindful of their weight. They are extra sensitive to practices that may lead to obesity. Unfortunately they still get overweight and fat because the measures they take to avoid the same aren’t effective.

15 Habits that make you fat

Here are the 15 major habits that may make you fat:

1- Skipping Meals
You maybe thinking that skipping some meals will make you slimmer. That’s wrong and you maybe wondering how. When you skip a meal, let’s say lunch, you body metabolism becomes slows and on your next meal, chances are so high that you will tend to overeat. Medical research published in the American Journal of Epidemiology shows that people who skip breakfast with the aim of slimming were 4.5 times more likely to develop obesity.

2- Eating low fat food
There are lots of foods that you purchase in supermarkets and fast food outlets are labeled as either low fat foods or fat-free. The half truth is that these foods save you a couple of calories. The full truth is that they inject into your system with sugars as well as other chemicals which are far much worse than the fat you were avoiding. These foods are digested very fast and the result is that you experience a sugar crash and you feel hungry faster than you felt full.

The best way to avoid getting into a weight issue is adopting – a nutritional way of thinking and understand that a low fat doughnut is still a doughnut.

3- Ignoring nutritional advice
A lot of people in today’s world don’t pay attention to nutritional advice. There is a small percentage that visits a nutritionist for advice and the unfortunate bit is that even of the small segment that hear the advice. Very few people apply it in their daily nutritional habits. Of course you will get better life if you do as the nutritionist say.

4- Failing to seek health and fitness advice
Having health and fitness advice and helps people keep their weight checked by practicing these healthy and fitness practices. If you follow health and fitness advice be sure that you will eat well and engage in exercises. This will absolutely lower the chances of being fat.

5- Failing to drink enough water
Liquids are very essential for the proper functioning of the body. Water being the most abundant liquid in the planet performs so many roles in the human digestive system and one of them is that water assists in weight loss. This is supported by the fact that most of the foods recommended by nutritionists for weight loss have high water content. Water helps keep your belly feeling full. This helps you keep off the thought that you might be hungry when actually you aren’t.

6- Drinking too much soda
The average consumer today is estimated to take almost a full gallon of soda weekly. Medical experts proven that taking one or two sodas in a day increases the chances of becoming obese by almost 33%. Further detailed research reveals that drinking a soda daily guarantees that your waistline will increase 5 times faster as compared to those who completely avoided soda.

7- Avoiding all fats
There are fats which are beneficial and highly essential to the body. Similarly there are fats that are considered very harmful to the body and can cause weight gain, heart diseases and stroke. The helpful fats help in the absorption of vitamins in the system as well as keep us full for longer time. If you avoid this fate, you will be getting hungry faster and overeat with the ultimate result being that you will gain weight.

8- Drinking too much fruity stuff
Most of the consumers today have abandoned the fresh fruit juices and are taking some packed syrips which have a high fructose content as well as thickening chemicals. The effect of these packed fruit syrups is that the very same way they hang on your glass is the very same way they will hang on your waistline.

9- Eating while you are emotional
Research shows that those people who eat while they are emotional have 13 times more chances of getting obese as compared to the other population. These people include those who respond to stress by eating and if you are one of them, try chewing gum the next time the urge to eat strikes you.

10- Serving meals on large plates
When you serve your meals on a large plate, you tend to overeat. This is because the human eyes and brain can’t distinguish between a small serving on a small plate and a big serving on a big plate. Both servings seem the same to the mind and eyes. Experts advise that you should use a smaller plate for your meals as this will make sure you eat just enough for your body.

11- Avoiding measuring your weight
Checking your weight regularly is a better way of making sure you never get fat. If you aren’t sure of your weight, there is no way you can control it. Therefore to avoid getting fat, it is advisable that you keep checking your weight regularly and any increase in the weight will be attended to reduce it.

12- Lack of sleep or sleeping too much
Failing to have enough sleep negatively affect on how the body and the mind operate. When you are tired from lack of sleep, that affects your ability to make high quality choices. Food and feeding habits is definitely affected. Too much sleep means you use less energy than the foods you take.

13- Having overweight company of friends or colleagues
Research shows that if you have a spouse, workmate or friend who’s overweight there are almost up to 60% chances that you will overeat too. The best way to avoid getting fat is to plan fun activities that will help you to burn more calories.

14- Eating so fast and failing to enjoy the meal
Research shows that there is a great connection between the speed at which a person eats and his weight. In today’s economy, time is considered so important and so scarce that every effort is taken to save it. People no longer have time to prepare meals slowly and sit on the table to enjoy the meal. Most people like grabbing a sandwich for breakfast and eat it on the car on your way to work and over lunch they grab some cereals that they eat as they work to meet some deadlines. The effect of this fast eating habit is that it leads to a disparity between body’s satiety and hunger mechanism and the rate of chewing.

15- Eating artificial sweeteners
Many people are ditching soda but they end up taking artificial sweeteners. These sweeteners lead to metabolic problems and more cravings for sugar and snacks. The effect of taking these sweeteners plus snacks is that the body has too much starch which definitely leads to growing overweight.

The best way to avoid getting fat is ditching any of the above habits if you have any of them. If you haven’t been affected by any of them, the best advice is to act wisely and ensure that none of them affects you.