Which Body Shapes are makes A Female Most Sexually Attractive?

The subject of female sexual attractiveness is subjective to gender, age and culture. Men as an example have been genetically programmed to find all women sexually attractive. Sexual attractiveness in this case referring to the health and the virility of a woman displayed in an obvious way with no possibility of fake, they are additionally programmed to find voluptuous body shapes more attractive. The media on the other hand has bombarded the society with images of the perfect woman who is anything but this; this has had its major effect on women who have been led to believe that the hourglass shape is the most sexually attractive shape.

popular women body shape
Is it true?
Women body shapes can be classified into three;
1. The slim
2. The strong and toned (referred to as the average)
3. The strong and curvy

Slim and fit
This woman is rarely curvy and has an average BMI of 18.82 with 0.9 waists to hip ratio. Men find this woman physically attractive because they associate her with youthfulness, lower risk of disease and fertility. Women consider this shape the ideal body shape because of the media representation.

Strong and toned
This shape is of a woman with an average BMI of 24 who is a little bit curvy with 0.6 waist hip ratio. This body shape is associated with women of good health. Men find this body shape most attractive as they perceive the women of this shape to be of vibrant health and strength.

Strong and curvy
Women of this body shape have a BMI of above 26and a waist to hip ratio of anything less than 0.4. Their body shape is culturally seen as the least sexually attractive with these women seen to be overweight and more prone to disease.

Body shape verses sexy
Optimum sexual attractiveness has a lot to do with the body shape but is also determined by other factors. A slim and fit girl has been represented as the sexiest body shape in the society today. However, the women of this body shape could be considered unfed, vulnerable and with less strength.

The strong and toned average girl might be considered too average. Like the average neighbouring who doesn’t feed too well and doesn’t exercise.

The naturally voluptuous girl might on the other hand be considered as the girl who overfeeds and doesn’t exercise at all.

While each of the speculations might be true, they might as well be all wrong. Optimum sexual attractiveness can be achieved with each of these body shapes.

To achieve this, the following factors should be put into account;

1. Healthy looking bodies always look and feel sexier. Put your overall body health before anything else

2. The waist to hip ratio is inconsiderate of the body shape and size of the woman. In fact, voluptuous women with a waist to hip ratio of 0.6 have certainly been considered as the sexiest. Work to achieve the perfect ratio in line with the shape of your body

3. There is a huge difference between slim and underweight. In fact a body fat percentage of >14 is quite alarming and qualifies as underweight. On the other hand a body fat percentage of <31 is considered overweight. Both of these conditions are health threats and should be eliminated.

The most sexually attractive body shape is therefore the healthy, vibrant and strong body shape regardless of its exact size.