Simple and Straightforward Ways to Lose Extra Pounds Rapidly

Before I indulge you in the meat of the topic, let’s understand the analogy.

If a year is what you need to gain this weight, you can actually get rid of that extra fat much quicker than that. You can even reclaim your body in months.

Don’t believe what they said about how much money and time you need to spend to attain such a good figure. You are the one to decide whether you want to lose weight faster, or slower.

Obviously, there is no such thing as an overnight solution. But the good news is that there are many things you can do to reclaim your body fast. No, you don’t need to join with the expensive gym membership to do it, nor subscribing to those expensive weight loss pills.

What I’m about to tell you does not guarantee the wonderful results. Each individual might have different results from the others. But if you do them well, you can change your life starting from this day! Here are simple and straightforward ways to lose extra pounds rapidly.

Take vitamins supplements

Thanks to hectic life, we often forget to take the vitamins from natural ingredients. Whether you are busy staff in a company, or freelance workers, you may notice that it is hard for you to maintain the vitamins intake from your daily meals. If that’s the case, taking the multivitamin supplements will be a great solution for you.

The adequate vitamins intake can help you to regulate your weight.


When we talk about a healthy diet plan, we must add fibers in it. It has always been true for most people. But, you will want to be selective at what you are eating. Only a few fruits are appropriate items to support your weight loss.

Experts recommend all the dieters to add a cup of fruit or veggies to every meal or snack to meet the fiber requirement for the day. Focus on soluble fibers. If you are taking commercial products, make sure to read their labels first. Make sure that you purchase the ones with “soluble fiber” information in it.

Drink enough water on daily basis

The key to fast weight loss is to stay hydrated all the time.

Water is the best beverage in the world. It is calorie-free, refreshing, as well as healthy. But if we are looking from the dieter’s perspective, it is an important item to procure the metabolizing process in the body.

I don’t even need to emphasize that drinking enough fluids on a daily basis is a part of a righteous weight loss campaign.

If you’re overweight, you will need even more. When you’re feeling hungry, drinking water can help you to curb your appetite. So, you won’t necessarily eat foods that are not good for your health.

Protein in the morning

Probably you’ve heard many times about this but protein can prolong your full stomach. You will feel full longer so that you can survive for the rest of the day. The high-protein content can provide your body with sufficient energy so that you won’t feel hungry when the time is not for lunch yet.

Experts also noted that the lean protein in your diet can lower the risks of belly fat. Protein takes longer time to digest. It gives more time for your body to process it. On fewer calories, as long as you take high-protein foods, you will not necessarily take other food items during your break.

Protein also keeps your metabolism active.  It is also a great option to maintain your normal weight.

Stop nighttime snacking

Nighttime snacking is one of the most prevalent culprits of overweight cases. The late night diners can lead to the obese case. Quit eating too late or earlier. Stick to your healthy meal schedules and you will be fine.

Have good quality sleep

When it comes to sleeping, we are talking about two things: quality and quantity. You shouldn’t separate them in your sleeping. Poor sleep quality is relevant to overweight and obesity. It is difficult to lose or maintain your weight if you often lack quality sleep.

If your body is lacking sleep, it will become less sensitive to leptin. Leptin signals the body that you’ve had enough food to take. You know what it means, right?

In common ground, experts suggest it takes 8 hours to sleep. But let’s add another hour for maximum results. In modern scientific societies, many experts claim that the human body needs at least nine hours of sleep to get rejuvenated and refreshed.